Sustainable eCommerce Fulfilment

We are dedicated to sustainability and clean green fulfilment for our customers. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste and are proud to be plastic free.

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Green fulfilment delivery solutions

For an e-commerce business, 93% of emissions are produced by outbound logistics. Consumers are demanding change – almost half of them would pay £1 extra for eco-friendly deliveries.  

We’re proud to partner with delivery services that are emission conscious as well as zero-emission carbon-neutral. Offering both same-day and next-day delivery, we are at the forefront of sustainable, emission-free deliveries.  

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Green warehousing: Sustainable automation   

A recent poll confirmed that 60% of internet users are willing to pay more money for products that are eco-friendly. This number is expected to increase as millennials and Gen Z will soon be a more prominent demographic in the eCommerce retail space. Younger generations actively approach their buying decisions with a sustainable outlook – and then align themselves with those brands accordingly. Aligning with an eco-friendly 3pl makes an impression for your brand while helping to provide environmental stability.  

Combining your order fulfilment automation with eco-friendly practises makes Selazar the go-to solution for brands with sustainability in mind. We do this with plastic free alternatives, recycled cardboard, recycled paper and more. 

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Eco-friendly packaging & custom packaging 

It’s important to use a fulfilment partner that can provide your business green fulfilment solutions. It’s better for your brand, your customers, and your bottom line. Our custom eco-friendly packaging options are available to all our clients. We handle all orders with custom fillers, inserts, and more. Reach out today if you have any questions about our eco-friendly custom packaging options.  

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Recycling & waste management 

Many countries are reducing plastics to minimise carbon footprints – especially the UK.

As of April first (2022), the UK introduced a Plastic Packaging Tax (“PPT”). The main purpose is to incentivise businesses to reduce their use of plastic materials, specifically for plastic packaging.  

Selazar supports this green initiative and is plastic free – reducing waste and supporting 21st-century sustainability initiatives.  

We choose to refuse single-use plastics and packaging by supporting Plastic Free July.


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